How to create a LISTSERVE on Gmail?

Have you ever been in need of a mechanism that allowed sending specific Emails to specific people? We know you have! To this end, Gmail has brought forward the LISTSERV utility. This utility allows a user to create contact groups of certain sections. In turn, multiple messages of the same variants could be passed along these users for conformity and easiness. In much more simpler terms, LISTSERVE serves the same function as a contact grouping utility. But why not use similar utilities of this caliber?

Why is the new GMAIL utility important?

LISTSERVE does not only culminate the names securely, but it also has an additional edge in tapping into the Gmail security feature. Also, this tool provides cohesion to a small mailing list. For bigger number of acquaintances, it is suitable to use “Google Groups”.

Steps to create LISTSERVE:

If you want a list with an optimal functionality, then Gmail Support advice to adhere to the following steps to the tee.

  • The first step in such endeavors is to always sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on the “contacts” on the left tab of the resultant window you encounter.
  • On the left side of the Contacts tab, there would be a tab called “New Group”. Select with button-> type the name of the new group -> then click save/press enter.
  • As a result, you would see this new group name right beside the contact button.
  • here, type in the name of your mailing list that allows you to access the names input inside the mailing list.
  • there is an “Add to (group name)” button at the top of the contacts page. Click on it and then type in the requisite addresses in a comma separated fashion. This step would add the names to your mailing list group.
  • Now, as all these steps are taken care off. It’s time to compose the email.
  • In the mail composing box, instead of typing in the addresses in the recipient's box, type in the name of the mailing list that you just created in the previous steps.
  • Finally, click on send. If the entire procedure was a success, then there would be o reaction. Else, the alert would be “invalid recipient”.

The above procedures let you take a glance at the titular application’s possibilities. For further information, feel free to contact Gmail Support.

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