Gmail Smart Reply is the Way to Save Time

When you receive that first message on your Gmail account, you feel a sudden technological ecstasy that is plainly unexplainable. Fast forward 5 years later and you have more emails than you needed or even desirable. Most of the given messages might be spam, but here we are not concerned with them. What we are concerned with the responses you might have to give to the important ones, especially if they are the same and so many of them.

Think of any such example,

For us, it is the birthdays. On such occasions, emails even from the far side of the north come even if there is no necessary emotion behind them. As a courtesy, you have to thank them for their wishes. How to manage so many replies?

Introducing Gmail Smart Reply, an auto reply API recently implemented in the titular email service provider.

It employs a predictive algorithm to ascertain responses and then auto reply. But how does it actually work?

Google Machine Learning has been in the fray of emails for the last 2 years. It is, therefore, no surprise that Gmail might include it in its message functionality. Whenever an email is received, this API puts together three responses for you to send. Honestly, some of them could be completely incoherent, but the AI has learned to evolve itself in a very efficient way. You then select any one of the messages and then click send. You also have the option to completely ignore the said option by the way. But how does this feature integrated with the Google machine learning?

The Google Machine learning is a font of multi source data collision. Through the advanced artificial intelligence, it is not only able to sort out phrases and important information, but also apply the said results. It is this feature that communicates with the Gmail and breathes life into the Smart reply functionality that the titular application has entailed into its midst.

As new as it might sound, it most definitely is not. In recent times, people have been showered on their cell phones by these automatically generated emails for a long time. To this end, Google cites that about twelve percent of Emails sent to mobile devices were automated.

For now, the Gmail Smart Reply functionality is only available in the native English language. But soon, it would avail other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, and others as, well. To this end, only time will tell how large does this Google’s new baby expands.

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