FAQ'SGmail Customer Support Australia

Q1. There is an IMAP issue with my Gmail. How do I fix it?

The IMAP issues pertaining to the Gmail Email application puts a damper on its full functionality. To that end, it is necessary to keep the username and email handy by you at all times. To that end, you have to

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Q2. What happens when the entire Gmail storage space is used?

Gmail avails around 7GB of the storage space for your inbox. Out of which almost 20 percent gets occupied by the end of the year. To that end, it is necessary to keep tabs on your inbox. Perform regular checks within your emails and remove the spam and other useless emails. But most often this is a rare scenario; therefore you do not have to worry about your inbox reaching its capacity any time soon, unless you happen to be a big corporation.

Q3. Is account recovery possible in Gmail?

Gmail, in the same vein of several other similar applications, offers two techniques to the road of account recovery. One of these is the password recovery, and the other one is the form submittal. Both of these methodologies are easy to comprehend, but for the latter, it is advisable to seek the assistance of the Gmail Customer Support.

Q4. How to manage proper password in Gmail?

Gmail employs the standard minimum of six characters in the passwords. To that end, users must make sure that there keys are unique and easy to remember, but difficult to ascertain. This would protect them from forgetting the password and also from the deleterious hackers hiding in the corner to grab any data they can find.

Q5. How one must perform a password recovery?

While signing in, click on “forgot my password”, and follow the steps to recover the password. This would give you the access to your email account back in addition of an opportunity to use a more appropriate password.

Q6. How do I know if my Gmail account is hacked?

Hackers, more often than not apply a hidden mechanism where you might not know that your account has been accessed. To that end, it might be difficult to ascertain if you account has been hacked or not. But still, there is indeed a way. To see if you have been hacked, the first step is to check your sent messages. If the contents of that section seem dubious, then there is a very good chance that you’ve been hacked.

Q7. How do I search for the old messages?

Gmail has implemented a dynamic search methodology in this regard. If your messages are old, then Google can parameterize the search for them based on..

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Q8. I cannot download my email attachments. What might be the issue?

The variable size and the substantial nature of the email attachments prompt the Gmail to be extra careful. But at times, slow internet connections or the attachment corruption....

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Q9. What consist as the best Gmail passwords?

Gmail passwords, much like many others follow the same security parameters. To that end, it is the user’s responsibility to assign the proper keys for the protection of their account. As the passwords entail special characters in addition to alphanumeric sets, it is better to use long remember able phrases as your passwords.

Q10. What are the protection criteria that Gmail uses for the email?

Gmail started employing the HTTPS encryption protocol to its message contents back in 2010. This methodology is indeed a rudimentary encryption, but is also robust enough so that your privacy could be protected.