How To Turn The Email Notifications On/Off in Gmail?

Do you want to know how to turn the email notifications ON/OFF of your Gmail account? Then right here you will learn to do the same within no time. But if you have some related issues then you can always give a call on the Gmail Customer Service Number, whenever you want to. And the team of diligent experts will provide you with reliable solutions immediately.

Note: you should keep in mind that if you have all the notifications turned off in your browser then this means that you will not get to see any notifications.

The following are the step to turn the email notifications on or off of your Gmail account; you just need to follow along as instructed to get the desired result:

  • The first thing you are required to do is go to open Gmail on your computer.
  • And after that, in the top right of the current page, you would have to click on the Settings gear icon > see all settings’
  • Next, you will have to scroll down the page and then go to the ‘Desktop Notification’ section.
  • And now you need to select the ‘New Mail Notifications ON, the Important Notification ON or the Mail Notifications OFF.
  • And then finally at the bottom of the current page, you just got to give a click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Note: now if you are using ‘The categories’ of the ‘Inbox’ and you have turned ON the notifications for new mail, and then you should know that you will get the notifications only for those messages that are falling in the primary category. But if you have turned the notifications ON for the required mail, then you will get the notifications for everything that has been marked as ‘Important’

After you have finished going through the mentioned steps you should be good to access your Gmail account without any difficulty. And if you come across any sort of glitches, then you just have to right away Contact Gmail Support Australia. After which the technicians will guide you with the required solutions as soon as it takes. And you will surely have the best services ever.

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