How Do I Start Virtual Meetings Through Gmail Mobile Application?

Gmail is the best emailing platform that exists today developed by Google to help a billion users to perform their mail communication faster and securely. Gmail equipped users with a wide range of tools so that users can efficiently manage their important communication through the mail. With amazing features, Gmail has become the most preferred mailing service also used as a personal information manager. Gmail helps you in tracking, organizing, and reminding you about your events and appointments in one place.

Gmail understand their users’ requirements and enable them with magnificent features like meeting that help Gmail account user in connecting with their contacts virtual meetings through their Gmail account that saves a lot of time and effort. It is a panacea for people who want to connect with people in the virtual space across the globe. With the help of the virtual meeting feature, you can connect with your connections over a video call by sharing an invite link with them.

You can also share your screen with the meeting attendees and easily carry out your discussions. If you are willing to utilize this marvelous virtual meeting feature of your Gmail account, call and connect with the Gmail customer care team through Gmail Customer Service Care Number and learn how to connect with your connections via Meetings.

If you want to know the procedure to quickly start meetings through your Gmail mobile application, then go through the below-given article.

Steps to instantly start virtual meetings through Gmail mobile application:

  1. Open Gmail application from your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Login to your Gmail account by entering your Gmail account login credentials correctly on the Gmail login page.
  3. Now you will be taken to your Gmail account main page, you will find the meet option at bottom of your screen click on it.
  4. A Meeting window appears on your screen, to start a virtual meeting click on the New meeting option.
  5. An options bar appears at bottom of your screen, click on the ‘Start an instant meeting’ option.
  6. Now virtual meeting gets started, you can invite your connections by sharing meeting link with your connections.

If you are witnessing any kind of technical issues while accessing this feature, you can quickly report a complaint about your issues with Gmail Technical Support Australia.

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