How Can I Add or Remove Google Chrome Users on Windows?

Do you want to add or remove Google Chrome users on Windows? Then you can easily do so in no time. But if you need help with other related concerns then you can always give a call on the Gmail Customer Service Number. And the most diligent and dedicated experts will provide you with relevant solutions immediately.

Follow the mentioned steps below to add Google Chrome users on Windows:

  • Firstly, you would have to go to select the ‘Profile’ icon which is in the top right corner of Chrome and then you must go to choose the ‘Manage People’ option.
  • You will then have to go to select the ‘Add Person’ option.
  • Now on the displayed page, you need to enter a name, choose a profile, and also select the ‘Add’ button.

Note: you got to keep in mind to check the box that is beside the ‘Create a desktop short cut for this user’ for the option of launching it directly into the user’s browsing session at any time.

  • You will now have a new browsing session open for the user that you just created. And then you need to select the ‘Get Started’ option to set up user preferences or to sign in to a Google Account to sync settings and preferences automatically.

Now to remove Google Chrome users follow these steps:

  • You must go to select the ‘Profile’ icon that is in the top right corner of Chrome and now choose ‘Manage People’
  • You now have to hover around your mouse over the icon for the user you would like to remove, and then you need to select the three vertical dots that appear in the top right.
  • And finally, you just got to select the ‘Remove this person’ option.

When you are done going through with the above steps you should be able to access the same all by yourself now. And if you come across any sort of glitches troubling you then you must Contact Google Support Australia right away. And the technicians will then guide you further with top-notch solutions.

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